6 Exercises That Work Your Arms and Legs

Today we’re going to show you how to do 6 exercises that will work your arms and legs together.

6 Exercises That Work Your Arms And Legs:

1.Alternating curtsy lunge with bicep curls

For this exercise, you’ll need a pair of 5-10 pound dumbbells. Grab them in your hands and hold them beside your body, standing with both your feet firmly on the ground. Now, lift your right foot and take a diagonal step behind, keeping your front knee behind your front toes and your shoulders over the hips. Curl the weights up to your shoulders as you go to a 90-degree angle, and press into your front heel to come back up to stand with both feet on the ground facing forward. Repeat the lunge on the other side and repeat the starting position for one repetition.

2.Jumping jacks with overhead dumbbell press

Take a 3-5-pound dumbbell in your hands and stand with your feet on the ground. Now, lift the dumbbells over your head and above your shoulders with your palms facing forward, then jump up and down as you simultaneously extend your arms in a V-shape.

3.Overhead triceps pulses

Grab 3-5-pound dumbbells in your hands and stand with your feet on the ground. Now, lift the right foot off the ground and take a diagonal step behind you, then press the dumbbells together and bring them over your head with the elbows bent at 90-degrees. From this position, bend both knees as you lower your body and bring the weights down for a couple of inches, then push through your left heel and raise the body up a couple of inches. Repeat the overhead triceps pulse on one side, then switch to the other.

4.Split squat with overhead dumbbell press

Take a 1-3-pound dumbbell in your hands, then put your foot on a rail behind you and lower your body down. When you go back up, raise the dumbbells to the shoulder, then repeat the whole process again.

5.Squat press and twist

Take a 5-10-pound dumbbell in your hands and stand with your fight wider than shoulder-width apart. Now, bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders and keep your chest up and your knees behind your toes. Sit back in a squat and lift out of it and pivot on the right foot to twist toward the left side as you raise the dumbbells into the air. Now, turn back toward the center as you sit back in the squat and lower your arms in the starting position, then repeat the exercise on the other side.

6.Triceps dips with side kick

Sit on a mat on the floor and bend your knees and the soles of your feet near your butt. Now, put yourself up on your palms behind you and the elbows slightly bent, then lift the right foot and extend it towards the ceiling. Keep your hips square to the ground as you open the raised leg to the side and bend your elbows, then go back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise for a few times with each leg.