This 18-Minute Fitness Routine Will Totally Change Your Body

As many fitness programs are created to work specific parts of your body, here you can find a brand-new (All in 18), which delivers sharp workouts that are proven to torch fat and sculpt head-to-toe hotness in a very short period of time.

The program is created by the trainer Idalis Velazquez, the founder of her own personal-training company and a self-made Instagram star. She succeeds to find the way how to turn ideas into reality, specifically for busy women.

The sessions are vigorous for busy schedules, need a minimal at-home equipment (some dumbbells and a mini band), and are accessible to every fitness level.

They target the areas that you probably struggle the most: middle, thighs, butt, and back of the arms. She experimented after her second delivery when she was limited to work out as often as she used to, and she had lost strength and definition. She found that adding a resistance band to high-intensity strength training exercises rebuilt and reshaped her body. As she continued to work hard, she tried a combination of exercises that has helped her maintain body and shared her secret recipe.

According, also to many studies, the elastic bands increase muscle activation by about 20 percent, especially in the glutes, so each rep is truly maximized.

Idalis idea was to design workout exclusively for readers.

How it works:

– It is composed of five of her favorite moves from All in 18.

– Perform each move in order, two or three times a week, with little to no rest in between

– Repeat the routine up to three times total, (30 seconds rest between rounds).

– To enhance – complete the two-part finisher.

– Expect the significant results in six weeks,

1. Kickstand Deadlift

a) Standing with your feet hip-width apart, place a mini band around your thighs and grab a dumbbell in each hand; stepping your left foot back, raise up onto your toes.

b) Bend forward at your hips, keeping a flat back, and lower your body until the weights pass your knees

Reversing the movement, return to starting position, to complete one rep

Perform 12 reps, on each side.

2.Banded Squat Jack

a) Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, place a mini band around your thighs; pushing your hips back, bend your knees to lower into a squat,

b) Staying low, jump both legs out as far as you can and jump them back in starting position to maintain one rep;

Perform 12 reps.

3.Plank Pushup with Dumbbell Drag

a) Place a dumbbell at the right edge of your exercise mat, and come into pushup position

b) Supporting your core, lower onto your forearms

c) Pressing back up and keeping your hips parallel the entire time, reach your left arm underneath your body and grab the weight

d) Place the weight on the left side of your body

Reverse the movements on another side, to complete one rep;

Alternate for 12 reps.

4.Curtsy with Biceps Curl and Lateral Front-Loaded Lunge

a) Standing with your feet hip-width apart, with a dumbbell in each hand and elbows bent. Bending your knees, step your left leg back and behind your right and lower into a curtsy lunge

b) Supporting your core, curl the weights up to your shoulders and step your left leg out to the left; bending your left knee, push your hips back to lower into a side lunge

Reverse the movements and return to the starting position, to complete one rep;

Perform six reps, on each side.

5.Banded Plank Walk

a) Put a mini band around both wrists and get a pushup position

b) Supporting your core, step both feet out to the left side, following by your left hand forward as far as possible

Return to the starting position, and repeat the movements on another side to complete one rep;

Alternating complete 12 reps.


1.Offset Reverse Lunge and Press

a) Standing with your feet hip-width apart, with a dumbbell in your right placed on your right shoulder and your left arm out to the side. Supporting your core, step your left leg back, bend your knees at the same time and lower into a lunge

b) Stepping your left foot back in, behind your right, press the weight directly overhead

Lower the weight return to the starting position to complete one rep;

Perform as many reps as you can for 30 seconds, then repeat on another side.

2.Two-Plank Jack, One-Star Jump Combo

a) Begin in a pushup position with hands under your shoulders.

b) Supporting your core, jump both legs out to the sides,

c) Back in, then out and in again.

d) Jumping, open your arms and legs in the air, forming a star

Landing softly, return to starting position, to complete one rep

Perform as many reps as you can for 30 seconds.